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Hi all,
I am seriously looking to purchase a new or nearly new Clubman or Countryman ,not sure which engine yet but not the JCW tho ,insurance too steep for my postcode.
but I have been lurking on here for some time reading some disturbing reliability issues ,especially regarding premature clutch wear ,
as I am in my later years and getting closer to retirement now ,I am looking for long term ownership so this clutch issue is a concern, so would it be better to opt for the auto ,I have always driven a manual gearbox and never heard of clutches going at such low mileages .

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Wow that really is a good question. I too have heard about the different issues in that respect. I have a automatic.
Although I think you can install duel clutch or it might already have one in it. Not sure.
I answering because; it as it sits Stick shift do tend to be more trouble free. But mini cooper in general in my own opinion.
Tends to be a car built more like a motorcycle in the general sense. Meaning that every 10,000 miles you are doing all sorts or work to it in someway or the dealership is under warranty. Or at least with 2nd generation ones. Can't speak for the newer ones. The 2nd generation was rated the fastest production front wheel drive car one year ago(the GP mini cooper). the 2nd generation boost the best of both worlds as far as sporty driving go cart type experience with the ability to drive down the highway. 2nd generation is not much heavier than a first generation,but between 2 and 300 hundred pounds lighter than a F series mini cooper. The 2nd generation gets better fuel economy than a first generation.
The choice is yours; as long as you change the oil. I buy a ten pack of filters when I can. And I have a re chargeable air filter. I have a extra set of spark plugs in the ranks at all times. Ready to swap out single spark plugs if any occurs. Which is common in 2nd generation not really all the spark plugs, but I do change all the plugs at once during the 70,000 mile interval. Coil packs are the same way so I keep extra coil packs around, as well as an extra vanos solenoid and auxiliary
water pump, as I have the turbo. I have a coolant system fill tool
And I have a serpentine belt tool
I do not run additives like Sea Foam,fuel injector cleaner, or Octane Boost as it will destroy my OEM catalytic convertor.
That pretty much covers maintenance.
Leaving timing chain parts out of the equation If you have a 2nd with about 50 thousand miles.
I have not seen problems with mine as far as Oxygen sensors go. Although I have two newer ones I purchased for the car when it had about 70 thousand miles. It did not need them so that might be the money saver with Mini Cooper 2nd generation S turbo cars.
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