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to all who were following this on NYM.Org..
it was postponed , neigh cancelled due to rain and weather..

Jef who first planned it had to not show due to school.. and I made up the route.
WHICH I still have.. and Sue and I did a sorta test on it yesterday.. and took all back roads all the way to Tanger.. (only exception with lights was Portion Rd)

we hope to see any of you for the LI Oddities photo ride in the spring.. and if any of you want the routes I've done.. I still have them

I see there is a "long island" site on NAme your MOTOR and quite f$$ING and it was started by someone who was on my run in March 03..(which is funny..since I got my car on May 03... he must have meant 04).. and has ..well.. no noise on it.

well.. before we had NYMINI we were mostly here! I always had trouble with NAM and in fact.. have seen some of my posts go into the ether..

so here we are!!!

well.. here I am

Rob Friedman
Freeport, LI, NY
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