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Hi All,

Love this forum almost as much as my 2003 Mini Cooper, which I got used with only 13K on it. Navy with a white top, automatic.

By far, the best car I've driven. Beautifully engineered, comfortable, fantastic "geek factor", I just love it.

I've been combing these pages since I got my car and have picked up a lot of great tips---thanks all.


I needed my hood badge replaced last week (at Universal Mini in L.A.) and when they fixed the badge, they gave my car the free upgrade/recall for 2003 Minis, though they never told me what it was about---something to do with the exhaust? :confused:

Now, I could swear I'm hearing a very light hiss, woosh, or airy sound when I accelerate, at all levels (it's actually more audible at lower speeds). It sounds like a shhhhhhhh, and seems to ramp up a bit the fast I go. Again, it's light and subtle, and I'm obsessing like crazy over it, wondering if that's the way it sounded all along or if it actually changed.

Also, I'm getting the faulty gas gauge issue, (shows empty when totally full, then gradually works its way back up), which I did search here and found that it's a software issue---right?


I have an appointment to take it back next month.

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