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To add to that, anything over 60-70k miles then ask if the timing chain has been replaced (they will tell you the chain is not a service item but believe me it is and is prone to problems). This is a job you will want to do if you hear the death rattle on cold start.
its nuts bmw still blame the tensioner hand have revised them a few times now,, when will they grow some common sense and update the chains to duplex,,, hmmmm well they never did and now they begin with a bmw own petrols in new mini prince engines have gone,, hmmm now bmw petrols n46 engines are a bit better than prince engines but still have chain issues but around 100.000 miles is the norm, also issue with oil leaks from plastic covers etc, and liner problems head gasket issues were fairly common o early n46 petrols so i hope for everyone buying a new petrol mini they have fixed these weak points,,, but going from past dealings i wont hold my breath,, on the up side the new tech petrols are power full ,
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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