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If it is a wiring fault normally fuse 39 blows as soon as you start the car.
This causes flat batteries and most of the dash warning lights to come on.
Most common place for the wiring to rub through is behind the back of the cylinder head on the right hand side( if you are stood under the bonnest looking at the engine in from of you.)where the loom runs down to the pump.
It goes behind the exhaust heat shield and is in a very tight/sharp metal bracket.
(You cant miss it)
If it is a pump fault which is very common it will be the connectors on the large 2 pin connector block that will have corroded pins to the point that they are no longer there.
It is not gonna be the alternator but a wiring fault or pump fault in my opinion.
This is just my opinion.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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