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I have owned my MINI for about 18 months now, around 6 months in I started noticing that the Battery Light would flicker every once in a while - maybe once a week or so. Then it became a little more frequent about 9 months ago. At this point, the battery light only flickers off every once in a while and remains on most of the time. About half of that time, the Power Steering fails to work. Sometimes I will get in my car for my morning commute and the battery light will be on, but the steering is fine. I get to 7-11 to get my coffe and then the steering fails again. Literally within a 4 minute period. It seems the is no rhyme or reason. It does not make a difference whether my headlights are on, my audio system or my wipers. It does not matter if the wheather is warm or cool or if it has rained or not. It does not make a difference if I travel long distances or not - thinking that maybe the battery would charge over that period of time.

Before I make the inconvienent drop-off to the dealer, I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions here? Are there any MINI mechanics that have come across this problem?

Thanks!! :velvet:
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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