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Power Steering and Infotainment Failure

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Hi all, recently been having issues with my 2007 Cs.... yet again. This time it mostly happens on the motorway to work. Essentially what happens is the warning light that my power steering has failed will pop up for about a second and then more recently this has progressed to my infotainment screen going black and also my music that is playing cutting out for a second or two. Nothing else turns off that is electrical but could this mean my alternator is on the way out. The car has had some other issues which happens rarely but I’ll be running off the battery (which is brand new and coded) and my car will lose all power completely, no light or locking from the key. It’s fixed by literally gently nudging the positive terminal on my battery and everything is back to normal. Is this a battery issue or an alternator issue do you think? Because I was under the impression when the car is running the electrics are powered by the alternator?

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