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  • Kit Number & Name: Location & Installation Date

    S1: JCW Mike Cooper UK:NA
    S2: JCW UK:NA
    S3: JCW UK:NA
    S4: JCW Richard De Jong UK:NA
    S5: JCW Mike Raven UK:NA
    S6: RickW UK:Very Early 2003
    S7: Michaelk UK:Very Early 2003
    S22: Leo UK:February 2003
    S25: BMW press Car UK:
    S26: BMW press Car UK:
    S38: ffc ffc
    S46: BMW NA US
    S63: bigbaddaboom UK:April 7th 2003
    S77: BMW AUZ OZ:
    S86: cdn jcw CN:
    S95: nickheatheruk UK:
    S96: RVW UK:April 25th 2003
    S138: Chuck
    S160: Roadrunner UK:May 2003
    S191: macmini2 D:May 23rd 2003
    S249: mschmalenberg US:July 31st 2003
    S268: mhoutman NL:June 24th 2003
    S277: Diggy US:June 10th 2003
    S310: S310 AU:June 27th 2003
    S316: CajunJaguar US:23rd July 2003
    S321: MINI Munich D:
    S373: miniquick US:June 25th 2003
    S408: normalizer US:June 12th 2003
    S422: MiniRick UK:June 6th 2003
    S484: crashgearbox US:July 8th 2003
    S486: bobej US:July 6th 2003
    S488: mini2mad UK:May 23rd 2003
    S492: SCA US:June 24th 2003
    S508: tidytiger US:26th June, 2003
    S567: Ken NYC US:July 16th 2003
    S569: MGB Boy US:July 23rd 2003
    S584: wibbly UK: Spetember 2003
    S597: mat_thew UK:
    S646: miniPete US:July 16th 2003
    S664: Simon Jackson UK:May 17th 2003
    S668: MAXIM UK:May 31st 2003
    S697: hipilot US:July 25th 2003
    S701: Newbs49 US:June 30th 2003
    S702: pkowski US:June 18th 2003
    S703: gtshnzr US:August 21st 2003
    S708: stevenrsturbo UK:
    S720: pkrehbiel US:August 6th 2003
    S721: adn PO:February 20th 2004
    S744: scpaul TW:August 13th 2003
    S757: Tall Bloke UK:June 17th 2003
    S767: LMB UK:July 23rd 2003
    S776: PYLSUR MEX:
    S806: TomM US:August 9th 2003
    S825: ChrisBuer UK:July 26th 2003
    S877: steadyeddie UK: July 2003
    S880: Boris US:
    S933: MINI-stir US:August 11th 2003
    S950: Jones UK: September 21st 2003
    S1028: Linda M UK:July 18th 2003
    S1038: Vandervalk HO:August 1st 2003
    S1040: Dipper66 OZ:October 18th 2003
    S1068: Big Fella OZ:September 10th 2003
    S1109: rb905678 CD:September 21st 2003
    S1159: se7en US:August 14th 2003
    S1165: ftbt US:September 4th 2003
    S1266: Bear US:October 13th 2003
    S1274: sorlo US:October 1st 2003
    S1278: firemanvan US:September 10th 2003
    S1324: Cypher D:
    S1334: A&TH UK:August 7th 2003
    S1376: Texascrude CD:Septermber 12th 2003
    S1401: tertiusk SA:Decemeber 1st 2003
    S1403: dkstone US:September 9th 2003
    S1408: VAWASMINI US:August 29th 2003
    S1436: C15WKS UK:July 30th 2003
    S1459: warped OZ:September 16th 2003
    S1544: MonkeyMan US:December 10th 2003
    S1589: Kitlyn US: US:
    S1599: Chief_Charlie US: US:
    S1615: Ratty UK:August 6th 2003
    S1638: S2000&CooperS US:September 5th 2003
    S1737: duncs UK:August 12th 2003
    S1745: ABG UK:August 28th 2003
    S1748: paa100 UK:September 4th 2003
    S1749: dave22 UK:September 3rd 2003
    S1797: Shawnster US:October 10th 2003
    S1809: steveklmini US:September 30th 2003
    S1815: Morato US:March 20th 2004
    S1838: MINIVAN UK:September 1st 2003
    S1894: HObzy UK:November 1st 2003
    S1920: speacock US: 25th April, 2004
    S1998: tonno IT:February 1st 2004
    S2001: cityclinic OZ:November 1st 2003
    S2033: Hobbe SW:September 22nd 2003
    S2097: SCooperMini
    S2109: dmac5 US:October 5th 2003
    S2225: Jocke SW:September 22nd 2003
    S2248: esoredivad UK: 23rd March, 2004
    S2277: the brick OZ:November 12th 2003
    S2294: mininc
    S2313: DrJ UK:
    S2549: washy UK:September 22nd 2003
    S2660:Stealth Mini GP US:January 31st 2004
    S2674: m1n130 OZ:November 19th 2003
    S2677: m111nme UK:October 1st 2003
    S2798: santacruz UK:October 1st 2003
    S2933: buz US:February 1st 2004 US:February 1st 2004
    S2957: Waypoint US:November 1st 2003
    S3187: MINIDean US:January 20th 2004
    S3195: V8bruiser UK:October 1st 2003
    S3230: Pipe US: 16th March, 2004
    S3258: tdriscoll50 US:December 16th 2003
    S3314: US: 6th May, 2004
    S3920: MotorOn US: February 24th, 2004
    S3296: Tony*t3 UK:December 5th 2003
    S3375: iancull US:January 29th 2004
    S3396: Willie M UK:January 16th 2004
    S3437: ajolymanjones UK:November 18th 2003
    S3487: motorer US:March 7th 2004
    S3525: Titan UK:January 1st 2004
    S3609: Intrepidmini UK:January 11th 2004
    S3617: coopertronic UK:January 12th 2004
    S3679: Permaslide UK:December 20th 2003
    S3783: Alan Earnshaw Oz: April 1st, 2004
    S3921: scapegoat UK: March 2nd, 2004
    S3926: specialist Oz: 24th June,2004
    S4092: RedMini UK: 7th April, 2004
    S4147: Rapid Rog UK:January 27th 2004
    S4202: scone UK: 13th May, 2004
    S4330: syderphil US: 28th June, 2004
    S4337: harveyjoseph US:
    S4411: Worksworth UK:March 3rd 2004
    S4451: emerika US:April 15th, 2004
    S4456: Aqualung US:March 1st 2004
    S4468: 2BlueMCSMRdtsr US: April 10th, 2004
    S4554: JDT UK:
    S4604: Pasha US: 27th April, 2004
    S4619: AJefferson UK:March 10th 2004
    S4733: MAC_NL NL:March 19th 2004
    S4808: tlamano US: June 30th, 2004
    S4818: itsnotsizethatmatr US:26th April, 2004
    S4832: whiteshirt Uk: April 2004
    S5007: PiSigma US: 30th June, 2004
    S5103: jwardell US: 15th June, 2004
    S5434: Supa Koopa UK: 10th June, 2004
    S5462: roomey UK: 23rd June, 2004
    S5490: Vron D: 14th July, 2004
    S5555: egghead Singapore: June 2004
    S6127: AidenL Irl: 30th July, 2004

    S????: monetcamille
    S????: brucesouthern UK:December 12th 2003
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