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Problem with automatic air conditioning switches

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Hi all
Just signed up as a new member as I have been searching the web for a fix to my cars problem
I have a UK spec R61 Paceman 2.0D automatic
The switches that control the fans , AC , Heated seats and heated screens have all stopped working. The temperature LCD screen is also not working

I have checked the fuses but can’t seen any that have blown

Has any one got any thoughts on what may have caused this

Thank you and best regards William
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Unfortunately my service manual only goes up to 2006. You might find one here;

On the first generation Mini Coopers, there are at least two and maybe 3 fuses (IIRC) for the car’s HVAC system. Good luck finding them without the manual to go by!

There’s more than one fuse box too, just to keep it interesting.
Thanks for replying
I decided to remove one fuse at a time but on looking at the fuse box ID label I decided to start with F20 as the photo was a light and AC symbol. Guess what it was blown. Replaced 10amp fuse and it bursted in to life
I thing I will put the lottery on to night
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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