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Project save me.

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So back in September I bought a cheap wee Cooper, 05 plate silver 3 months MOT bit unloved but I wanted a winter project. Faults found on purchase were, brakes all shot, clutch really really noisy, filthy, bits of trim broken, wrong back bumper fitted, spotlights rusty and not working. On driving it became apparent how tight a car it was all considered. After a check of the MOT history a haggle and walking away a call the next day secured it for £250, once home and a quick wash it didn't look too bad. Now to work, first thing parts, really impressed by how cheap oem parts are, and did I have a list, Discs all round and pads, front brake pipes and hoses, clutch, main seal, rear foglight, rear bumper had the reverse light and passed two MOT's! exhaust mounts. Doing the clutch I was taken a back by how rusty the subframe and parts were so the decision was made to drop it and restore over the winter, oh nearly forgot, I had to change the metal coolant pipe as a precaution, luckily it was paper thin, and the air filter hose was burst too!!
So far total cost including the subframe powder-coating will be around £900, the missus is getting me polybushes from Santa :) Oh and about £20 for plasters :(
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Yea it's a rusty subframe! But it is gonna be perfect when you get it done and you can outfit it as it stands then install the whole thing and not have to press bushings into it.
I like superpro a arm bushings with the rubber washers from the powerflex a arm bushing kit to put on the a arm post welds so that the superpro plastic caps that go on the post don't crack on the weld where the post meets the rest of the A Arm!
So missus picked up bits from Powder coaters and they look good.
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