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Pulling Supercharger Pulley - please help!

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Long time lurker in need of some help please - I've managed to make a pigs ear of a SC pulley change and need to somehow recover the situation.

Long story short - I'm in the middle of doing various jobs in the engine bay (replacing gaskets, SC service, water pump, thermostat etc) on my R53. All was going swimmingly until I tried to use a recently bought pulley puller tool that was really tight - it said it was for the R53 but it required some hammering (!) to get over the pulley, either it was a badly made tool or wrong size.

Sadly, I hadn't read that it is recommended to screw a bolt (the same as the ground wire bolt in the engine bay) into the shaft first .. I now have a portion of the shaft gouged out in the middle and the thread is messed up so I can't screw it in to retry.

I'm now looking to re-tap the thread, get a bolt in and use another tool - however I don't know what the bolt size/thread is.
Anybody able to tell me what bolt size/thread the ground strap bolt is please?

Any help much appreciated!

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How did this job work out for you?

Was the SC shaft out of balance afterwards?

I've got myself in a similar position...
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