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Quality of Interior Lighting

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Would anyone like to provide their opinion of the interior lighting and its functionality?

If you have a black interior, can you see anything?

Is the lighting a good cover for the whole interior, does it direct towards the front, etc? Can you swivel or direct the lighting?

Are there any extra maplights that anyone can suggest that plug into the 12 volt outlet?

Regards, ElTel
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The interior light is very good, it is situated in the middle of the roof (inside!) and therefore lights up the whole car. If you go for the interior lights option (comes with pepper I think) then you get footwell lights and reading lights (built into the main unit)

Check out this thread for pictures and a discussion on the map light:
Thanks monsta. That's helped me a lot, especially the link. I did a search on interior lighting, but not much turned up that was relevent.

Regards, ElTel
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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