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Morning !!! Does anybody know when the new multi function steering wheel comes out, and can you get it fitted after you have bought your mini ??
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I thought the Multi Function Sterring wheel was already out for new mini's. As for having it fitted after you've bought it I'm not 100% sure but here is what I do know.

BMW retro fit Multi Function Sterring wheels to their other cars.

I have an acceessories Price/Part No's/Availabilty List on an Excel file I downloaded of this website somewhere (i'll try find it). In it had the option "Retro Fitted Multifunction steering wheel" It said Availability: In Testing, and I may be wrong but I'm almost positive the price was around the (are you ready for this?) £600! Weather that includes fitting aswell i don't know!

I'll try and find the excel file and I'll post a link!
And here you go, took some findin!

MFSW retro fit kit
in testing

Wasn't as bad as I thought!
£475 my dealer quoted me including fitting to ahve it fitted retro!!!
It's definitely out, my coopers coming with it already installed on March 20th. Woohoo!
DK's car has the MFSW fitted and she collected her car on 18th February.


I've got the MFSW - took delivery mid-Jan. £160 if ordered when new.
Controls are: Cruise (on/off, faster/slower and resume last speed)
Stereo function

ONLY available as a leather wheel (i.e.£240 if you've not already got the leather wheel (standard in chili)).
Is the cruise control any good and is it at all usefull?
I think the MFSW is really good. I bought it for the stereo controls tho to be honest, and don't do enough motorway miles to necessarily justify the cruise...

BUT now the M11 is all dug up and 40mph with gatsos for miles, the cruise is ace - just set it at 40 and relax. Not only that but I doubt the novelty of being able to accelerate using my thumb will ever wear off!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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