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quick and easy...

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Hi All

on the official mini site... the privalaged members section... when are you supposed to get your user and pass for it?

I'm concerned that I'm missing out...

I have ordered my mini cooperS without getting that user and pass

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No, I believe you register and provide your own password during the registration process.

You need your chassis no. in order to get into the owner's lounge though :)

DK ;) :apple:
ministry of owner ship passport

hi there,

i couldnt access that part of the site either, but after about a month mini sent me a ministry of ownership passport through the mail that had my chassis no. in it, which lets you access it.

hope that is of some help!

:) :dark:
icheatatscrabble is right, but i got a passport through the post into which you can put silly things like your mini's favourite strech of road and its name and stuff.. this came with the 7 digits of the chassis number required to register on the ministry of owners could of course look on the right side of the window or on the engine.
Ok thanks

Thanks for that people....

Them guys have it all get those details AFTER your first warranty claim is denied..........

also, if you have made the mistake of ordering a BRG job, you don't get one period......
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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