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I'm working on seriously increasing the loading times of the MINI2 forum pages, the slow pages are when you view a discussion.

The main thing that slows down these pages is the "quick reply" box, even in it's minimalist form it still slows things down dramatically.


Quick Reply is no longer a standard option. It's gone.


If you go to your user control panel, you can switch it back on again, if you really want to...

Click here: Edit Options

I hope that people can understand the reason for it's removal, as speed is the main complaint, and this the main culprit, and I also hope those who do use it don't mind the small inconvenience of having to switch the option back on.

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Excellent...good job finding the culprit! It had always boggled me why M2 loaded so much slower than other forums, but now that I think about it they all have no quick reply. I do miss it slightly but it is WELL worth the speed gains. And of course making it an option is always the best choice.
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