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Ok, I apologise as I know the whole aux cable thing has been done to death! But, I'm not actually after advice about that really (I've got my head around it I think)
My son has just bought himself his first car, a 2002 r50 Cooper. Of course he wants an aux input, he also wants to keep the stock look, the stereo in his is too old for a aux input, it's a alpine cd53 manufactured December 01, does anyone know what date of manufacture it needs to be after for the aux function to work (with the resistors and capacitors etc) and is the stereo coded to the car, or can he just get a newer one and plug it in and it works? Also, if he were to get the newer cd53 radio from a 2005 or 2006 model car, I believe it might be made by Siemens vdo would this just work too, would the steering wheel controls all still work too?
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