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R50 clutch/gearbox fault

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Hi, I’ve got an 03 Mini Cooper. On Monday it refused to go into 1st and 2nd gear whilst at traffic lights so I managed to get it into 3rd and pull away. Cars gears then worked absolutely fine all day. Yesterday morning it failed to go into gear again.
When the engine is off all gears change smoothly. Tried putting it in gear then starting it and as expected it tried to pull forward before stalling.
Is this likely to be gearbox issue or clutch? And specifically what?
Should add that since yesterday I have a clutch pedal again (seems to havd been getting lower and lower over last few weeks)
Really grateful for any help with this.
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I would suspect the clutch slave cylinder to be the culprit here.
You could try bleeding it but the facy that it probably has air in the system points to a leaking seal so it will require replacement.

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