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Hey Mini Gurus, I have a question for you on the R50.

A little history to avoid the obligatory don't disable that its not safe for the road comments :)

I race short track 4/10 Mile paved oval, the class is dominated by integras and civics (I currently have 2 91 integras in the class). I am seriously considering building an R50 Cooper for this class to see how it does. It has to be the NA model as forced induction is not allowed in the class.

The problem I forsee is the ABS, ASC, DSC systems in the these cars, These systems would not be allowed in the class so I would need to remove them completely from the car, I would also be converting it to non power steering to avoid the PS issues and to save weight. The car would be stripped to chasis, caged and all glass, lights etc. would be removed so it would be strictly setup for oval track racing.

Has anyone had experience removing these systems from the car?

Thanks for any input, being able to remove those systems will make or break me undertaking this project.
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