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R50 cvt gear problem

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I m new to owm a mini.
It's a 2002 r50 cvt
Wanna ask is it normal when I driving 60km/h.
And it keeps around 2k rpm?
Coz I drive many small car before, like Honda jazz mazda 2 swift.
Always keep 1.5k rpm when driving 60.
And my car use half tank of petrol, just going 100kms....
My car has only 100800 on the clock
I did replace engine oil, oil filter, transmission oil, sparkplugs. It start well and drive well. I can use manual mode to select fifth gear when I drive 60km/h.
Just wanna know is it normal?...
I think it's not.....
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I would say yes. It is a small high rev engine. That's where it makes it's power. I don't have a first gen but I do know when I am pushing 150+ miles an hour it is sitting around 5000 rpm. And 4500 is much slower. The difference between 4700 hundred RPM and 5000 RPM is the difference between 150 miles an hour and 163 mph.
If it is high It's not that far off. And it certainly is not indicative of where the car makes power.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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