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R52 cabrio coil overs

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Hi ...what are the best sub-£500 coil overs. Adjustable height?
I cant afford race spec bilstein? ...has anyone had experience with V-Maxx or similar.


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You can buy cheap coil overs, but they don't last very long before the adjustment parts get seized up and usually the ride quality and damping is poor. most are fitted simply to slam a car to the floor.

Better to wait and buy as good as you can get, £500 is still a lot of money regardless of the quality of what you buy.

I have a track day car, not a Mini, fitted with these:

ST Suspensions Make It Yours ST X Custom MINI Coilovers | Lohen MINI

Not much more money, but likely to be much better quality.
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Hi k3fus ....sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I took your advice and have gone for Koni with Eibach ..i hope you approve?
Eibach Pro-Kit
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you could do worse than Tein street advance, having fitted some used ones for a customer recently they're an alright road option with adjustable rebound and height which don't drop too far or crash about like some (notably the Bilstein B14's they were swapped with), they use stock top mounts so no camber adjustment, new they're £500 ish so fit your budget. If you can afford a bit more then camber adjustable top mounts I would recommend as they will help handling and tyre shoulder wear etc.
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