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'06 Mini Cooper Cabriolet (R52) 1.6
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Hi all

I have an '05 R52 I'm working my way around fixing all the faults and have an issue with the roof that I haven't been able to find any info on.
The roof retracts fine with no issues, stage one sunroof open, stage 2 retract roof.
When I go to raise the roof it gets to 80% of the way (about 300mm to go) then 'stalls' with a red flashing light on the switch.
Releasing and then pressing the switch causes it to inch forward then stall again
Further releasing and pressing the switch then causes the roof to get past the issue and finish the closing and latching process

It always stalls in exactly the same position and always requires a couple more button presses to get it to continue

Diagnostic stored is as shown. I am wondering if there is a cable break or hall sensor / switch issue but then why does it lower with no issues & only errors when raising?


Don't know if anyone has come across this before or can point me in the right direction, much appreciated- James
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