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Hello everyone!
I spent last weekend retrofitting the wiring loom to my 2007 Sidewalk,

More effort than I initially expected but got there in the end!

Went out in the car a few times and it worked perfectly.
It has however, since developed an unusual issue - whichever seat goes on first warms up, but whichever goes second doesn’t.

I’ve had a check off all the obvious connections and such but it’s really confused me.
Got prodding around with a multimeter and got the following readings, battery voltage around 12.6v
Took some current readings with a multimeter in series with F12, passenger seat on draws ~6A, drivers seat on brings the reading up to ~10A for about 5-10s and then collapses back to ~6A as before, can then turn off the drivers side and the current remains at ~6A.
Works exactly the same the other way around, I turn drivers seat on first, that keeps running and the passenger seat goes on for 5-10s and then gives up.

Genuinely stumped, is the same with the engine running (i.e. not a voltage issue) and I can’t imagine there’s any real logic within the switch unit for it to know which went on first and which second. When on its own each seat works as expected, so can’t imagine it’s a thermistor issue.

Ive ordered a new switch unit so will report back if that miraculously solves it.

But if anyone has any ideas I’d love to hear them as I’m v confused.
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