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what are you scanning car with,, ie not all code readers will read P-codes in ecu,, also the status of the alarm and anti theft within the bcm/ewls ecu's and keys,, ie its common after flat battery for these systems to loose the rolling codes between key and anti theft system,,, when does this they wont start it shuts down the fuel system and spark, to deal with this need bmw own software insta d you can by them online for around £90 uk pounds with that software can then reset the system to start off with same codes retrain the system,,, this would be my first suspect in this as its common after battery failure for this loss,, also was car jump started when battery went flat,,, if so might have spiked the ecu,,, or ecu lost some data paths,, if so worth trying a power latch reset link below
link for bmw insta d software and cable
lead that will be needed
could also use inpa as its gen 1 car ,, word of warning if did do this you would need to understand the program before trying to reset it all as could wipe the bcm
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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