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R53 Cooper S JCW with GP Kit - exhaust broken, Melbourne options?

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Hi all, moved to Oz 2.5 years ago, my 2006 JCW GP arrived from South Africa last August after standing in storage for the better part of 2 years. The exhaust (custom stainless steel) is kaput and I'm looking for options in Melbourne, help! Please!
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Hey man,
I know this is an old thread now and you have probably sorted it, within Australia there isn't a fantastic supply for the aftermarket parts, if you haven't sorted it already i would recommend taking it to an exhaust shop and getting a custom exhaust done, as most of the off the shelf options don't fit very nicely or sound great either.
I'm based in regional NSW with my JCW, but went back to a stock JCW exhaust i acquired off a friend who upgraded, but other than that its pretty difficult to find parts.

A few of the Melbourne guys have noticed your car driving around and taken pictures as we didn't get the R53 JCW GP here, its one of only two that we believe to be in the country.
I also have a website trying to catalogue as many JCWs as possible worldwide (Including GPs) but love finding out what's around locally in Australia, and I have been looking for a way to get in touch with you specifically after seeing pictures of your car from other mini Enthusiasts in Australia, would love if you could add your car to the register being one of the only GPs in the country which is pretty awesome.
Would love if you could check out the site as it has a lot of informational write-ups as well-

My pick repairer wise in the Melbourne area is Peter Kaiser of Cworks & motorsport, Peter specialises in minis and British cars, he used to work for BMW in the early 2000s and was a part of the Mini Australia Motorsport division where they competed in Targa Tasmania in the early 2000s with JCWs (has one of those original racecars too which is pretty cool, and also a GP2)

James Keene
The JCW Register
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