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Heyya Everyone,

I have recently purchased a 2002 R53 Mini Cooper S for a bit of a project car. I plan on tracking it, and just generally enjoying it. It is here to replace my 1994 Honda Civic track car that really just got too much out of hand with the modifications to be able to drive it "legally" on the road.

I have owned it for about a week and have loved the short amount of time I have spent with it. It is currently in my garage with the front end off getting some love. It has done 154000kms and a few things are in need of replacing. But its been fairly easy so far, so looking forward to getting some performance mods soon, and laying some times at the local track.

As I have jumped straight into the maintance of the car, I really dont have any pictures, but this one I took as this is the first time I've ever needed to take the front end off to work on something lol.

The Mini2 forum has been a really good source of help, and look forward to contributing as well.

Thanks again :)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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