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R55 LSD diff? and what tyres?

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1 question was the limited slip diff an option with the R55, as the car seems to struggle a bit with traction?
when I bought the car is came with 3 Michelin run-flats and one dubious name run-flat - now its likley that this iffy front tyre is the issue

so what tyres do people recommend I want to stick with the more or less stock size of 195/55 R16 and I'm keen to move away from run-flats as I really don't like the jiggly ride quality they produce

currently planning on a uniroyal rain sport 5
your thoughts?
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One thing you can do is measure your rim width. You can put a 205 on your car without any rubbing on the inner fender wells.
As far as tire brand goes. It's a matter of price Neo are the cheapest and if you have a situation where you want to save money then get them. personally I like michelin tires I have the sport pro's on mine. But they are more expensive.
That is why I mentioned the tire width number. If you go to a wholesale tire dept. you can look at a entire new variety in a different width. That sometimes means you could get something like a michelin sport pro for cheaper or another brand.
And of course the most popular and cheaper no matter the brand. With the width of the tire in mind. Is the 225 width. Of course you would need spacers and studs for something like that.
but on the average(look at the prices in that width). You can save 50 dollars on each tire.
You could probably go to a wider tire anyway. I have a 18 inch rim. 7.5 inch width.
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Ok thanks
I was wondering what others tend to fit tyre wise?
I tend not to go too cheap on tyres and the weather in the UK makes slippery roads a usual occurrence so worth making a careful choice

I've found this tyre dynamics tools pretty handy
and my preferred tyre (uniroyal rainsport 5) in a 195/55 R16 is availble in a 91V or a 87H sidewall rating for about £60 each

so I'm thinking to go for the softer sidewall (87) as I'm unlikely to go over 130mph in the car and I think it sorely needs a less 'jiggly' ride than I have at the moment with the run flats
Well as an update for anyone who's interested a set of rainsports fitted and the car is transformed

much more traction, better ride and generally much more pleasent all round
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