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My 2010 clubman came with the phone snap-in in the centre armrest. It is for the iPhone 4 with the older wide apple connector.

I have a spare iPhone 5 that has the small iPhone port.
I’m struggling to find out what replacement snap-in to buy. There are different types available - basic, media, universal and the prices seem to vary a lot between £15 and £185.

Can anyone advise on which one to buy?
Are snap-ins available for more recent phones - eg an Android with a usb c port.

My car came with the graphic display in the centre speedo. It has the older, DVD based, sat nav, plus Bluetooth. Do you think I need to update the software in the console? Or is it even possible? I have read conflicting reports on this.

My first clubman and I love it!!!!
Thanks in advance
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