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r56 2012 Cooper S with thermostat problem

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I can't find the bleeder valve for my Cooper s. It appears to have a sensor there. How does one bleed the system if there isn't a place for it? My coop runs very warm, sometimes around 230 when I'm on the highway. I have opened up the heater and turned on the blower. I've done everything that has been recommended but can't get it reduce the high end warmth.
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i would suggest someone before you had issues with temps and fitted a aftermarket temp sensor that screws in to where the bleed screw goes, really dont know why some people bother even trying that to be honest, as there is a revised thermostat housing that fixes the high temp running issues they have, ie the old housing was 109c to new ones are 102c , the only way to bleed them with that screwed in is to remove it when engine is cold and keep adding water to header tank ie so it is half full at all times when bleeding it it will force the air out, below link for new genuine updated housing dont be fooled by the cheap Chinese ones they are rubbish not worth it, it comes with wiring update as well ir 4 pin type
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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