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Mini: R56, Automatic, 98k original owner, Hardtop S

Issue: When I leave in the morning and driving down the street as the car tries to shift into gear it slips(?), it doesn't engage right away. It's scary as it revs past without engaging. This lasts for about 5 minutes. Also can happen whenever the car has been left unused for hours. Thus a cold engine.

Time: Started 2 years ago. Continues like clockwork every day. No change. No worse, no better

Other factors? Three years ago I had the transmission fluid flushed/changed...just because I thought that was something you do. I now know it wasn't really necessary. Anyways I went to another mechanic telling him this and he checked the fluid/level and said it was ok.

Also: If I warm up my car and let it idle for 5 mins in the garage it won't slip. Again, the cold engine seems key.

Fears: Transmission ruined/end of my Mini. Have had this fear for 2 years, but nothing has changed.

Help: Please
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