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I'm just posting to share my experience with brake service. During the change from summer to winter wheels, I've noticed my front brake pad is going to be done soon. Checking the computer confirms that the service is needed soon. So I purchased a set of pad and new rotor (drill rotor just to look a little cooler). I got a mechanic to install it. (pads are easy but the rotor was more diffcult, I couldn't get the 2 bolt holding the caliper housing off and I didn't have a pneumatic gun)
Before this service, I read on Google that it needs a new sensor when brakes are replace. I didn't look too much to it and though it'll be ok without one.

After the brakes were change, I follow the instructions online to reset the Brake Service counter. But no matter what I did, it doesn't work. As time goes by the counter reach 0km and the brake light, brake service light and general service light all came on. So I did a little research and found out that the sensor is only looking for a closed circuit. So I decided to hot wire the sensor as I wait for the new one to come in.

To hot wire the sensor, all you need to do is remove the wheel, pull the sensor out of the caliper, cut the sensor off leaving enough wire to twist the 2 wires together. Then get thermal wrap connector and connect the 2 wires together. Then follow the instructions on resetting the service counter and it worked. The counter reset to 60000km.

I do suggest changing the sensor, I installed the sensor after I received it in the mail. The cost of the sensor is not that much and it protects you from using the pads too far.
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