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R56 Brake Warning Light stays on

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2008 Cooper S JCW
Took the car on a trip, parked pulled the handbrake, after restarting the brake warning light will not go off. Fluid is at proper levels, the brake wear sensors have been disabled for a long time, the hand brake cables and rear pads/rotors/calipers were just replaced after this started happening.

I have tested the brake level sensor and it is working, the fuses are all good. The blue and yellow wire on the handbrake has no power, when I add power the light goes off.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
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What that is...would be your internal service program on your cars computer. Your service schedule for your brakes inspection and replace expired. You would need to reset the schedule if you replaced your brakes. Having to set it back to 100 percent and entering in a service counter number.
Otherwords you know your brakes are working if you changed the pads. Your sensors are the same working. double check your wheels if they spin freely when the car is jacked up. If you do not want to remove the brake pads and inspect if the calipers (rear one tend to stick; the hand brake is connected to them) rubber boots.
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