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R56 Click/clunk then rough idle non turbo n12

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Hi folks,

I've recently put a new cam chain and had the head done on my recent purchase.

Its starts fine when cold but after a short period of time a minute or two I hear a clunky as though a solenoid is activated and then it's like its running on 3 cylinders. Can anybody tell me what's likely to be clicking in as it warms up?

Thanks in advance.
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This is quite a common thing with the N12 engine. I had the same thing and it took me ages to get to the bottom of it. A few things can cause this but all relate to the Vanos system. Did you do the work yourself? Did you use a good timing tool and is the timing spot on? Is the engine management light coming on when it makes the clunking noise? If so, do you have an OBD reader to read the fault codes? Also, how many miles has your car done?
Feel free to message me.
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