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Hi all have a R56 mini cooper S 56 plate (2007) 62k miles. Bought the car 2nd hand 5 months ago has been fine apart from a wet drivers and rear drivers footwell. Had this taken to a garage and the drivers door seal was replaced. However not sure if this has cured it as the water is still in the car a day later... Driving along the car stuttered and then cut out it did restart for a short while then lost power and cut out and now fails to start at all. All electrics seem to work fine the ignition tried to start the car but it doesnt start. Theres a engine management light on and the RAC had to tow the car to a 'RAC Approved garage' they said the fusebox in drivers footwell was all wet and they have dried it out and put it back into the car. However the car is still doing the same thing and they have recommended a autoelectrician or take it to BMW. Im now at a loss as to what to do next as the car has to be towed to wherever i now take it. Is this a water related issue or is this by coinsidence something else or are they both related in some way? It seems the 2x garages its been to so far are none the wiser. The car shows no fault codes either on its system. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
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