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Hello. I have a 2011 mini cooper S.

It recently broke down and it won't turn on. It turns but it is not getting fuel to start the engine. I took it to the mini dealership and they diagnosed it. They told me that the low pressure fuel pump was the problem.

I have replaced:
1. Low pressure fuel pump
2. Fuel line coming from HPFP
3. Fuel Filter Assembly
4. Mini replaced the HPFP that was under recall
5. Fuses/Relays for fuel system

What could be the problem causing the car not to start? I have practically replaced all fuel components at this point that I know of.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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How do you know it's not getting fuel? Was that from the dealer service department?

So you changed the low pressure fuel pump? What's the output pressure of the new pump?
Why did you change fuses and relays if the dealer said it was the low-pressure fuel pump?

There are many things that could cause a no-start problem.

1. Low/no compression
2. Blocked air inlet
3. Loss of ignition signal
3.1 Loss of injector signal
4. Faulty DME
5. Insufficient battery power
6. Faulty engine timing

My suggestion would be to take it back to the dealer that told you it was the low-pressure fuel pump. Tell them you changed it, and it still won't start. Whatever you do, don't throw parts at it.

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You replaced your low pressure fuel pump. Now depending on the brand of low level
fuel pump. You are changing sounds(when you open the door).
So when you open your drivers side door. Do you hear a humming coming from The
low level fuel pump prime function at all?

I know this is old school to ask do you prime the low level fuel pump during the
installation process?

A no start situation could be caused by improper installation of the low level fuel
pump can lead to damaging the fuel pump immediately. requiring another fuel pump.
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