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Hi there,

I have an 08 R56 MCS with the MINI Hifi Upgrade, and a Parrot CK3100 bluetooth kit with MFSW integration from Mikey.

I'm looking to upgrade the audio - although I think the Hifi system is alright for the money, I'd like more bass and a bit more punch, plus I find it distorts quite easily. I've been impressed with the warm sound of Genesis kit in the past, so I'd like to use their components in the install.

First thing - is it possible to use the 'R56 Stereo Upgrade Loom' - even with the Bluetooth kit?

Secondly - for more bass, I'm considering the Genesis Profile 69 subs in lieu of the 6x9 speakers in the rear. Is it worth losing the rear speakers for more bass, or should I try and keep them in?

Lastly - what happens to the Hifi amp etc? Does it need to be left in? Or should I get the bits and come and see you Mikey :biggrin:

Any other thoughts all - any others using a similar setup?

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