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After seeing the LCI tail lights on a car a while ago, I knew that I needed a pair. After sourcing the tail lights I immediately went into the wiring diagrams to see how hard the retrofit would be, as I could not find any instructions about this on the internet I decided to post this.

Basically what you need for this is:
  • A pair of LCI tail lights;
  • 2 MQS pins for the FRM (or a the MQS pin pre crimped from an old connector)
  • LCI bumper as the reversing lights are located in the fog light

As the pre- LCI model had two bulbs that both worked at half intensity with the lights on, and full intensity when braking this got me thinking. The LCI model has the LED stripes supplied with 12V with the lights on, and the two brake bulbs are on a separate 12V output.

I was digging around in the FRM coding and comparing the R56 and E90 FRM pinouts and found that the US model R56 had the "inner tail lights" output activated for the amber corner lights. This output would be for the LED stripes on both tail lights. The two factory wires for the combined tail/brake will be separated via coding to act only as a brake output.

The coding goes as follows:
PWM_RL_BL_2_FKT_SL - Inner tail lights as standing lights - wert_02 (the new US corner light output that is going to be wired to both LED tail lights) - on US models this is already activated
PWM_RL_BL_1_FKT_SL - Outer tail lights as standing lights - 0V (right click on the keyword in NCS dummy and create new parameter with value 0V, this is to separate the tail light from the brake light)
PWM_RL_BL_FKT_SL - Tail lights as standing lights - 0V (the same as above is done for this)
WL_SL_2 - Welcome lights with standing lights 2 - soft_einschalten (this is optional, if you want the new LED tail light to light when unlocking)

As far as the wiring goes it is pretty straightforward.

pin 16 and 18 from X14260 will be wired to pin 6 on the left tail light and pin 6 on the right tail light, to power the LED part of the tail light. (on US models pin 16 and 18 will already be occupied, in this case you need to tap into these wires)

X14260 would be this connector pictured on the FRM, in the drivers side footwell left.


This 6 pin connector is the tail light connector where we need to switch a few pins around. (both left and right connector pinout is identical)
Old pinout -> new pinout
Pin 2 -> Pin 1
Pin 3 -> Pin 3
Pin 4 -> Pin 4
Pin 6 -> Pin 2
One of the new outputs from the FRM will be wired to Pin 6 on the left tail, the other output on pin 6 of the right tail light.

You will be left with one blue/gray wires on both the tail lights which will be for the reversing light that is going to be wired in the rear LCI bumper reverse light. I did not yet wire any reversing light in until I find an LCI bumper. I turned off the bulb check in the FRM coding.

The blue/gray wires can be cut in half leaving the pins intact so the new outputs from the FRM can be joined with them.



The result is an amazing rear end with the new tail lights!

If something is not clear feel free to ask.
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