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R56 LED bulb conversion

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Recently tried to fit Novsight H4 LED bulbs to my R56 Cooper Diesel ('13). Also swapped out the side lights (W5W). All the lights worked but kept getting error messages via the central consul. Then tried to cure it by fitting in-line resistor packs, and can-bus ready side light bulbs. Fault code kept appearing for the side light bulbs which only flickered when ignition turned on, then went off, and left low beam warning message
I've since been told that you can get different resistance readings if you use the same kit on 2 different cars.
As a result of this I bought GE halogen H4's for the main lights and put the original side light bulbs back.
How can this situation be rectified as the LED's were definitely brighter but the warnings on the central console were doing my head in.


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recently put LED ( canbus error free ) sidelights in my mota & get errors every start of the engine the LEDs fire up fine without any flicker when switched on but still brings up the error and cant be bothered with the load resisters ( going to go back to standard bulbs as its doing my nut in lol ), only time i see flickering of any kind from the sidelights is moments after firing up the engine when its dark & they randomly pulse at a low power level for a few seconds in the off position for the light selection & then up comes the error messages.

when i 1st got my mota i tried out a phone based diagnostic device, ( carista if memory serves, there is also carly for BMW too ) i was looking through it to see if it was any good ( turned out to not for service reset etc - ended up doing that via the dashboard in the end - so it went back as thats all i wanted it for & it could not do it ) BUT in some of the coding options it did have the options of disabling the canbus checks for the lights, i never messed with these but kinda wishing i had now, so it could be worth giving carista a try ( should get a free months trial of the software or you may find someone nearby with it that can code it out for you for a small fee etc )
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