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Hi guys,

I recently installed a 2 channel amp in my R56 Mini Cooper S and also changed the rear 6x9's for some aftermarket ones. I did the
channel swap first which was a straight forward job as i purchased it from
I used a line output converter to convert the rear channels to low level RCA's and then sent the amplified signal back to the speakers. All of this
was done by splicing into the factory wiring in the rear of the car. This made a massive improvement in the sound quality.

However now i can barely hear any sound from the front speakers. So now I'm planning on changing the door speakers at the front and amplifying them as well. I'm not
sure which wires run to the front door speakers. I know that they pass through the X9931 connector but not sure which wire in specific. Any of you guys happen to know
which wire is needed to be spliced into?

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