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hi all,

On the odd occasion I push my little n/a mini hard around a mountain pass or up a hill, it seems to pop out of second gear, both when accelerating or deaccelerating. it never happens at low revs, only above 5500-6000+, and it just pops back into neutral. I'd say its happened a total of about 4 times in 12 months, and would like to have it eliminated

I am going take it to my mechanic and get him to flush the transmission with some redline MTL fluid I ordered and also take a look at the bushings on the shifter, and the engine and transmission mounts.

The transmission does feel really notchy so I'm hoping its really just the fluid, I have only accidentally ground the gears once, but that was july last year, and it doesnt crunch going into gears either
literally any help is appreciated
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