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My R56 has the left indicator stalk with the button for the OBC. I can see outside temp etc but no MPG/tank range. I'd really like to get this feature.

My current understanding is that due to the fact I already have the stalk and I can see outside temp, I just need the car reprogrammed to be able to show me the MPG/Range (it shows range when low on fuel!).

Dealership isn't giving me much help. Can I use something like Carly for BMW or Carista to enable this option? My internet searching skills suggest that I need to put the code $550 somewhere in the config, not sure if this has to be done through NCS expert or whether I can use a bluetooth OBD2

I ideally don't want to spend more than £50-£60 for this feature. Any help is extremely appreciated!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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