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Amongst many other issues with my R56 cooper s (won't bore you on this thread!) my service light came on. The stealers (Cardiff 'useless ripoff' Synter) said that the reason was that the front brake pads needed replacing. They offered to do this for a mere £195!

I shopped around and it turns out that the R56 pads are actually quite pricey, just over £50 from eurocarparts - (their website does not have the R56 by the way). (I bought ATE but the originals turned out to be TRW) Yet a friendly local garage were happy to do it for £40 + VAT. (so total about £100 instead of £195!)

The garage perfomred the work but also pointed out that the pads were not actually in immediate need of replacement , around 60% worn (despite mini telling me they were down to the sensor)

Now I don't quite understand why the brake pad replacement light was not on rather than service light, if my pads needed replacing?

Really don't trust Synter Cradiff. I am contantly taking my car in for them to fix things under warranty that they claim to have fixed but never do! Then trying to rip me off with an outrageous price for front break pads that are not actually due! :angry:

Really getting sick of Synter Cardiff but it is only a mile away and no other mini garages are convenient
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