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I sold my Mini (2007 Cooper) but I have a couple of bits in the shed that someone might find useful:
1. Used Cam chain tensioner - this is the first revision, the one with the dimple in the middle. Basically I replaced it (unnecessarily) with the latest revision as I mistakenly thought it had never been done. So it's used but perfectly OK.
2. Used vanos solenoid - I believe that this is an original part. When one of my vanos solenoids failed I replaced them both, but kept this non-faulty one as a spare.
3. Faulty pre-cat 02 sensor - was provoking errors and poor running so fitted a new one. Kept this in case it could be cleaned/revived, but never touched it again. Maybe it's only fit for the bin, I don't really know so if you don't want it then I'll finally chuck it away :)

Happy to send these to anyone who can use them for the price of postage, call it a fiver.

UK mainland addresses only. Message me if you want them, first come first served.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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