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R56 Spring Rates?

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Anyone know what the stock spring rates are for a non-sport R56?

I'm looking at coilovers and see published spring rates for those of 6 front and 5 rear. Just wondering what the stock rates are in comparison. This is a daily driver so I don't want overly stiff springs.
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to answer your question this forum might be able to better help you

My nominal opinion

I would not mess the springs. I have stock springs and when it is all said and done the ride is hard. What I do have is hocthkis rear sway bar,eibach front sway bar, superpro a arm bushings with powerflex rubber washers, powerflex rear control arm bushings,powerflex trailing arm bushings, powerflex lower engine mount bushing with the metal tab out of the other engine lower mount bushing kit.Along with bilstien b6 shocks all the way around. The car is feeling every bump now. without the front sway bar it was slightly more comfortable. but now it is stiff . Makes a good highway car though!
to answer your question this forum might be able to better help you
Its not a question of messing with the springs so much as understanding the difference between the OEM springs and the springs that come with coil-overs.
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