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Quick one on the chance anyone has repaired this - the inner lamp cluster on the offside headlight (RHD) had been broken by my helpful garage. As it's a Saturday I would like to try to effect a repair or partial until I can get the headlight unit replaced. The lamps sit in a plastic 'bowl' fixed to the outer glass by two plastic arms - at least one of these looks broken. I haven't been able to remove the headlamp yet but I can wobble the whole inner unit about freely and I can see the arms are not fixed.

I think the front glass has been removed by the clips when the car's front end was taken off - no idea why they did this - possibly they broke my original and this is a 2nd hand replacement!

I might be able to prop up the unit by some kind of wedge, but has anyone removed / glued / fixed this inner set-up before?


(I have an ebuy part on order, I suspect a new unit is expensive and I've just spent 3.5k on the car, so enough is enough).


1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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