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I own an '06 MCS R56 N14 174BHP and wanted to boost horsepower a bit, lets say 200BHP. I saw the Racing Chip One for 300 EUROS which supposedly boosts everything up without messing with the engine directly. Technical gains are too good to be true in my humble opinion:

HP Gain: 174 to 209 BHP
Torgue Gain: 240 Nm to 288 Nm
Average Consumption Gain: 1L/100 Km

Has anyone fitted this chip to their car? If yes I would very much like to hear your experience with it, good or bad.
I'm a big fan of old school tuning(induction kits,air filters,exhaust etc).
I haven't changed anything at all on my car till now and I would like your opinion on how to gain performance while minimizing the risk and damage to any car part.
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