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Hi There,

I brought a 53 reg cooper Radio Boost CD of ebay a few months ago. I thought I'd have a go at fitting it myself, but got confused when I got to the wires!

I live in west london and was hoping somebody might recommend where I could go to get this fitted? Also, I don't know if its been decoded. I've tried Vines BMW and BMW in Ruislip, but they said cos I brought the radio off ebay, they wouldnt install it or even check for decoding.

Halfords said no too. I found a place in Crawley though, but they are charging an odd £70 for installation. (But again, no decoding).

Can anyone help? I heard there is a decoding place in Hayes? I'm flexible, so willing to drive around london! or the out skirts!

(BTW, I have a 53 reg mini one d).

Many thanks,

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