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Hi I’m new here and read a few posts but have got stuck.

I have a Mini Cooper S 2006 that sat still for about 2 weeks. I switched it on and a battery error occurred. New battery fitted but I have weird goings o; with the radio/nav/clock/joystick.

Basically, all seem to be fine when the battery is slightly drained (eg 70%) but as I do a long journey, the radio reboots to mini sign, there is no clock, you can switch cd radio etc but no sound. If your reboot was on sat nav then your stuck there. If your reboot is on entertainment then your suck there.

Anyway, the symptoms are reported on other posts and they all seem to result in new head unit. I was just wondering.... what is the component that switches it to “safe mode” maybe that is at fault? Is it the ECU? Couldn’t find how to reset when I have the keyless type if not I’d have tried that.

Thanks in advance
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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