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Hi All, first post on here so I’ll keep it short(ish) and sweet.
I decided to upgrade my standard boost CD player to a kenwood double din nav unit with apple car play, gps, Bluetooth, etc. What an absolute mare! Wanted steering wheel controls but that’s another day.

first off after removing pretty much half the dash we got down to the wiring....
Standard wiring harness I brought didn’t work, no ignition live to switch the unit on and off. I read thread after thread after thread that gave me sooooo many different options, non of witch worked.

so I got out my tester and went to work, the only 12v ignition live I found was at the cigarette lighter directly underneath the radio, this has exactly what’s needed toget the radio working properly without killing the battery. Given that the mini (bmw) works on a cam buss system there are plenty of permanent 5v feeds that’s switch off after x amount of minutes but none will do the job.
So after days of fart arsing about and a dead battery I found that you just need to take it off the cigarette lighter cable (not the brown if I remember correctly) and fuse it down the a 10a fuse and jobs a gooden.
The thick yellow is your permanent live behind the CD player and the ignition live (red) comes off the lighter socket.
Hope this helps and save the hours I spend going insane 👍
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