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hi guys
thanks for allowing me to join your forum !
i have been asked by a friend of mine to repair her radio from her mini " it doesnt work " she tells me !! this friend of mine lives away and has sent me the radio through the post. the only thing that she didnt send was a wiring diagram of what wires plug into the back !! please can you guys help me ?? the radio is a standard radio out of the new mini ( hence why im talking to u !! ) on the back of the radio i have various numbers so i will just list them
BMW RCC 102-01
9012 300 00004
BS00 0427
6512 6921593-00
then there are two bar codes 9012 300 00004 00 003 0427 1135517
what i need to know is what do the 17 pins on the back of the radio do, ie, which is the permenant live, which is the switch live from ignition, which is the neutral and which ones are for the speakers. once i have this info i hope i can then trace for her why the radio doesnt work.
please please can u help, i have tried my local bmw dealer and they were, shall we say, a little unhelpful !!
many thanks
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