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Rally Australia Stunt Minis

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Just a few photos of the process involved in making a Hyper Blue MCS into a promo car for Home Building Society.

We have a BEP Cooper to do also...

These cars are being used for stunt driving at Gloucester Park for Telstra Rally Australia. I have been told that there will be high speed paralell parking using nothing but the handbrake...along with high speed reverse flicks etc...

I'll get some photos and video of the cars in action when they appear...


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well...if you need fitters in wa...

I'm your man...
I wonder if the second hand dealer will add 'new windscreen' to the options list.

Reality of these cars is that these cars wont really have anything wrong with them... if they have only done a few weeks of hard work and had a couple of Pro drivers in them for only the super stage then they are likely to just have a few stone chips... need an oil change and tyres.
Reality is that unless they did the entire Rally from start to finnish they should be fine.

Geeeee i would love to campaign a MCS in the ACT/NSW Rally series.
Hadn't seen this thread before. Great work on the stickers Alex :D

I hope the MINIs are OK after their workout :eek:
our rally charade did Rally Oz as its first event, it only had a bolt in half cage, and actually had dints in the roof above the B-pillars from the flexing. although I think the rigidity of the mini would be orders of magnitude greater than the charade.....

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x-post for those after a little more background info! :D

Dave Elliott said:
Thought you might want to know how we got on with our Rally Australia display.

After a few hiccups during practice session (a 3-way simultaneous reverse throw that didn't quite work (bruised bumper and broken front indicator lens on one, bruised back bumper on another)), (3 or 4 knackered tyres) we worked out a routine.

For the Rally we had one MCS and 2 Cooper autos. Autos were struggling to keep up...suprise suprise !!....the MCS was such a diffrence to the Coopers that we were practicing in.

Felt fast when driving..the MINIs handle really well on gravel, although driving bumper to bumper over gravel isn't for the faint hearted...cracked windcreens and chipped paint could nopt be avaoided. Our reverse flicks worked a treat. Did our little show for the 3 nights of the super special stage. Got a copy of the Ch 10 coverage, but gee the MINIs looked slow compared with the World Rally Cars!! But, still we had fun.
Hi Patrick,

Firstly apologies for stuffing up your fantastic work on the HOME Minis at Rally Australia. I guess I should also apologise to other MINI owners for mistreating MINIs.....we were asked to do it....don't blame us...please.....

Secondly, being a member of the Mini Car Club of WA, I would like to redeem myself slightly by perhaps mentioning Response Graphics in our monthly magazine. There are number of MINI owners in the club and I'm sure they would be intersted in finding out about you.



PS Perhaps you could throw a few words together on your MINI projects to would probably be more accurate than what I could write based on the info on your website.
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It is no problem, they do a pretty good job by themselves...

I have 2 other crash repairs at the moment...

By all means go crash keeps me in my Mini...

We do all sorts of graphics, all the new the Minis leave Autoclassic with some sort of decals now. It is a no cost option to have a plain one...

We do roof kits, bonnet stripes, badges...etc.

Have a look at my gallery, there is more images on there.

Everyone needs at least one mini...
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alrighty here we go guys...

enjoy... IT"S GREAT! :D :D

i may need to relocate the file if bandwidth sky-rockets, but heh!

I was gonna ask how I could upload the video on to the site...

NO NEED...!!!

Anyone still fancy a used ( well used ) Hyper Blue MCS, one careful owner...BMW...never reaced or rallied...recently resprayed and repaired...

Its a bargain...go on you know you want to...
MickyD said:
I know, I know ... erm, it's a movie .... erm, yeah that's it ... Smokey and the Bandit!

gazah said:
i've had a report of the file being unavailable... has anybody succesfully downloaded it? or has anybody else had trouble?
Just downloaded it fine Gaz :D
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